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Premier Care Memberships

Insured or not, we've got you covered.

Transparency in Pricing

Consistent low payments

We want to provide transparency with our pricing and a different option for parents who want a reliable plan that will save them. We don’t want the uncertainty of cost to stop you from bringing your children in and taking care of their health.

Forget being billed

Sick of your insurance not covering the whole visit?

  • No copays

  • No deductibles

  • No reimbursement hassles

  • No messy paperwork

  • No such thing as "out of network"

  • No catches

What is a medical membership or "concierge medicine?"

Taking Care of You

Patients pay an annual or monthly fee for access to their doctor. This covers primary care procedures — things like physicals, tests for strep throat, and stitches.

Patients also get 24/7 access to their doctors, more time with the provider, and same-day appointments.

Still bills insurance (if insured) but uses the membership fees to provide patients with greater access and to pay for procedures often not covered by insurance.













  • Unlimited visits

  • No copays or deductibles

  • No reimbursement hassles

  • No messy paperwork

  • No such thing as "out of network"

  • No catches


Forget being billed for the services your insurance doesn't cover

Paying Cash for Medical Health

Here's the scoop

  • It allows consumers to be more cost-conscious.

  • Doctors won’t have to deal with nearly as much bureaucracy. Bypassing the third party means doctors don’t have to dedicate as many resources toward filling out unnecessary paperwork and learning the various rules and regulations that come with dealing with a third party. As a result, it can be cheaper for a patient in a cash-based system to obtain various tests or procedures

  • Doctors that take only cash typically charge monthly or annual fees for “unlimited access.”

  • The cash-only model allows doctors to spend more time with their patients.

  • The main benefit of not billing through the insurance company is that we no longer work for the insurance company, we work for you.

  • Putting customers in charge. A big part of the model is price transparency, which puts more control back in the hands of the consumers.

  • Practices list membership fees on their website and clearly explain what patients get for their money — no surprise bills when an insurance company says a doctor’s visit wasn’t covered.

Cash-only doctors do still recommend that people buy catastrophic health insurance with high deductibles.


The Care You Deserve

Memberships are available to established patients only. Memberships are non-transferable and only cover the child/children signed on plan. Plans can be upgraded at anytime. In order for us to provide affordable pricing, membership plans cannot be downgraded at any time, for any reason.

Individual & Family Memberships – Both memberships are all inclusive. Meaning, we’ve got you covered. Aside from surgical circumcision fees, EVERYTHING is covered. Well checks, sick visits, lab work, testing, & immunizations!

Monthly Memberships – Membership is month to month and can be cancelled at anytime. Payments will continue to be withdrawn until member has cancelled. Membership can be upgraded to annual membership at any time.


Annual Memberships – Discounted Membership is for 12 months from join date. In order for us to provide affordable discounted pricing, membership plans cannot be downgraded at any time, for any reason. Early Termination fees apply. See Membership Terms for details.

Click on this link to Upgrade/Cancel Membership


Will it really $AVE me money?

Often we underestimate the amount of time we really spend in the doctors office. Copayments, deductibles and uncovered services can really add up fast. A consistent affordable monthly payment is something you can count on with a membership.

We especially encourage our patients who were seen 5+ times in the last year to sign up.

For pricing details, see products below. To get a family membership bid please call our office.

Auto-payments are withdrawn every month. It is payers responsibility to provide a working card for monthly payments. If card declines a $20 fee will be charged. You will be notified if our records indicate your card is about to expire. Early termination rates apply. See Membership Terms for details.

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